Selamat Datang

Foo Chek Lee
MBAM President

MBAM is extremely pleased to host the 44th IFAWPCA Convention 2018. We welcome you back to Kuala Lumpur since our last two hostings in the years 1983 and 1998. Kuala Lumpur is an ever-evolving metropolitan as such those returning will notice how much the city has grown, both horizontally and vertically, yet retaining its ASEAN charm and greenery.

The 44th IFAWPCA Convention is themed “Strategic Alliance with Innovation & Human Capital”. It is aptly chosen to reflect the current need to constantly be in the know of industry developments that is both ever changing and complex as well as the importance of human capital in construction. Any growth or change in the construction landscape has spillover effects which besides boosting real estate and property values, helps improve the quality of lives in general.

It is my hope that the Convention and the Conference that we have planned will be a great platform to strengthen regional cooperation amongst IFAWPCA members as well as create drivers for better construction growth in the region.

On our end, we are working towards ensuring that your participation in the convention will be most fruitful, comfortable and enjoyable. You will experience the Malaysian hospitality at its best while in Malaysia and we are certain your trip will be a memorable one.

We welcome you to Malaysia, a melting pot of culture, history, modernity and nature. Where the spirit of Asia lives and thrives.

Selamat Datang to Malaysia, Truly Asia !

Datuk Matthew Tee
IFAWPCA President

IFAWPCA Convention has always been a great platform where great minds congregate to exchange views and experiences about construction methodology and technologies. Through the sharing of ideas and knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of each country’s economic development gained during the Convention, I am sure the our objective of a strategic alliance between members can be achieved. We all aspire to the idea of efficiently managing human talents to foster further growth in terms of nation building, and I am confident that continuous emphasis on enhancing quality, professionalism and spirit of cooperation will ultimately transform the construction industry into a more innovative, efficient and sustainable one in the near future. Needless to say, the Convention is indeed the perfect opportunity to form Strategic Alliance – Innovation & Human Capital.

Many who attended the last Kuala Lumpur convention in 1998 still have fond memories that the host did an impressive job and it is my hope that we will do just as well, if not better. I welcome you to the 44th IFAWPCA Convention 2018, to represent your country’s construction industry, to exchange ideas and learn from one another, and not to forget, to partake in the myriad of enjoyable activities the country has to offer.