Conference (Only 14 November 2018)

Building & Construction Conference 2018

The conference brings the theme Strategic Alliance with Innovation & Human Capital as its core message; three components essential for the continued growth of the construction industry. With technology growing rapidly while the pool of experienced construction personnel shrinks, the need for a strategic alliance among member countries to create smart partnerships is even more vital now.

The conference will address ever growing challenges faced by the construction industry in dealing with unexpected external factors like sudden drops in moving towards the digitalised world.

A panel of renowned international speakers with relevant experience is lined up for this Building & Construction Conference 2018 held in conjunction with the IFAWPCA Convention 2018. Come and engage with these expert construction professionals to gain insight and knowledge on issues faced by the industry.

What are the Issues the Conference is Addressing?

Belt & Road Initiative – IFAWPCA member countries are well positioned to benefit from China’s Belt & Road initiative (BRI). The BRI holds the promise of investments in badly needed infrastructure projects, such as railways, roads and other infrastructures. However, questions arise on the lack of local participation, economic viability and the implementation challenges.

Global Mega Wave – The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate. This coming decade is set to see some of the most significant and fundamental economic, demographic, and technological change ever witnessed. As these events unfold, what will be the impact to the global construction industry?

Emerging Trends – Keeping up with the new and emerging trends in the construction industry will not only help to keep companies from falling behind but also enable companies to prepare for the future. With the continued growth and evolution of the construction industry, companies must stay up-to-date to remain competitive and relevant. What shall we do?

External Threats and Opportunities - The world is playing field for ambitious construction companies venturing new frontiers and challenging established contractors in the respective countries with funding and new approaches. How do we face the external threats to convert the threats into opportunities for success?

Industry Challenges - Contractors are now facing the increase in domestic and international competition due to the current economic globalisation. Material and commodities price flunctuation, rising personnel cost and low productivity are among the common challenges faced by contractors around the world. How do we deal with it?

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0800 - 0900 Registration for Building & Construction Conference All Participants Grand Ballroom Foyer Business Attire
0900 - 0930 Opening Remarks All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
0930 - 1015 Keynote Address on Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
1015 - 1045 Global Mega Wave All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
1045 - 1100 Tea Break All Participants Grand Ballroom Foyer Business Attire
1100 - 1300 Panel Discussion: External Threats & Opportunities All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
1300 - 1400 Lunch All Participants Conference Hall Business Attire
1400 - 1430 Emerging Trends All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
1430 - 1445 Tea Break All Participants Grand Ballroom Foyer Business Attire
1445 - 1645 Panel Discussion: Industry Challenges All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
1645 - 1700 Closing Remarks All Participants Grand Ballroom Business Attire
Conference Delegate Registration Fee
MBAM Members RM 800
Non-Members RM 1,000